1997 – 2005


The Lavezzi Archipelago is situated south of Corsica. Natural reserve since 1982, it is composed of big granitic boulders and small vegetation surrounded by a pristine clear water. The prevailing winds can be stormy, transforming the sea into one of the most dangerous area in Mediterranean Sea.

The two cemeteries erected after the loss of the boat La Sémillante in 1855 are a painful witness of the incredible storms hitting the Bonifacio strait. These harsh conditions have polished the rocks over time resulting in extraordinary shapes.


The sheer nature of these boulders emerging from the water would be a good reason already to start a project. Added to the fact I was playing there when I was 8 years old already and it always was a sort of dreamland for me ever since.

It bears an incredible amount of shapes, network of gigantic rocks, where the scale is often impossible to grasp without any reference.


The feeling of this lonely place provides with a deep sense of the power of nature. 100kmh winds are commons thus seriously complicating the navigation through these small passages. Raw nature.


The first series were made with the Hasselblad 500C. The later series were made with the Ebony SU45 view camera.

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