2014 – 2015


The origin of the PINK project is the result of an erroneous manipulation of my camera. Indeed, during a limited period of time, the synchronization process between my ALPA camera and the PhaseOne sensor wasn’t optimal. When the copal shutter was manipulated way too fast, a partial superposition would occur. It generated a major colors alteration while creating many random vivid pink areas.


Past the initial surprise, I started to experiment with random images. As I was playing with the delay between two shots and searching for subjects, I hoped some would be well suited for this type of work.

The result is a small set of prints taken in various locations, from the Liwa desert in the UAE to the Portuguese cliffs and Lisbon bridges, and the Swiss Jura woods.

This synchronisation problem has been addressed signalling the end of this small project.


The PINK set of images was shot with my ALPA STC camera linked to a PhaseOne digital back. The synchronisation issue that lasted some time allowed for this technical and artistic experimentation.

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