My Studio My Studio

As you enter my space, you certainly would perceive the Studio as an intricate and intimate place where I spend hours experimenting with lights, objects, backgrounds and all the elements needed to create an image.

Since I personally lived there for many years, it is located in Geneva, in a beautiful early 20th Century building right by the Leman lakeside, allowing for some long walks to free my mind after hours of concentration.

I would define my Studio as an almost organized place, where one could find all kinds of tripods, many stands and numerous technical parts in various boxes, all piled up in two big cupboards.


To better suit the way I work, I decided to divide the Studio space in three sections.

Image taking per se, seen as the centerpiece of the Studio, functional and flexible to allow people, as well as smaller and bigger objects shootings.

A more social area, where I aim to welcome friends and clients for a visit, a glimpse at my world, or discussing over my projects and my current works.

Finally, last but not least, the Studio comprises a less glamorous section devoted to storage, where all the non-necessary but indispensable goods related to photography is stored away from the public view.


Welcome to Pierre-Alain Folliet photo Studio !